Monday, December 18, 2017

Retroblogging CALPEG 1992 (California Population and Evolutionary Genetics Group)) meeting

When I was in graduate school I was blessed to be able to attend many of the CALPEG (California Population and Evolutionary Genetics Group) meetings (at least, I think that is what CALPEG stood for).

These meetings were critical to me in many ways but especially since I ended up doing molecular evolution work in a lab that was not focused on molecular evolution. CALPEG gave me a community.

SO am posting here about the first one I attended - the 1992 meeting which I think was in San Deigo.

Here is a PDF of my notes and other materials:

I am including pics of the pages below:

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Retroblogging 1993 SSE/SSN/SSB Meeting in Snowbird, Utah #evolution #ecology #systematics

So I am continuing on with Retroblogging past seminars and meetings and other events.  Today I am posting about the 1993 Joint meeting of SSE/SSB/ASN (Society for the Study of Evolution, Society of Systematic Biologists, American Society of Naturalists)

I drove to this meeting from Stanford with David Pollock and we went camping along the way at a relatively new National Park - Great Basin.  I brought my bike and overall had a nice time.

And then we arrived in Snowbird and, amazingly, at the reception I discovered that a friend of mine from high school Jeff Wager was working at the Snowbird resort.  Anyway - enough about me - here are my notes from the meeting.

UPDATE - And here is are scans of the program